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Since becoming a parent I have had to learn a lot about dealing with infant reflux and food allergies. There has been so much to find out and manage and sometimes it has been really hard. This blog is where I can share everything I have learnt on our journey in the hope that I can help other parents going through similar experiences.

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I like to share parenting stories, tips and reviews of products that I would recommend. Check out my recent posts or have a look at the guides below which include my most popular posts.

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Loving Mummy Life Printables

Visit my Etsy shop for lots of printables to make family life easier. There are family planners for reflux and food allergies. Educational activities for preschoolers that you can easily print and do at home.

  • reflux planner
  • Family meal planner
  • Learning Colours Activity
  • Learning numbers 0-10 activities
  • Nu,bers 11-20 activities
  • learning shapes activities

The Practical Guides

My practical Guides are a quick and easy way of finding everything you need to know in one handy place. Each guide has links to blog posts, websites, products, reviews and hacks. They are a quick read with practical tips to help make you life easier.


This guide has lots of practical tips for dealing with sleep, weaning, leaving the house and helping your baby to improve their symptoms.

Childbirth the Essential Guide

This guide can help you with everything from your birth plan and choosing pain relief that works for you through to practical postpartum tips.

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