10 Easy Outfit Ideas A Reflux Mum Will Want To See

Outfit Ideas A Reflux Mum

When you have a baby with infant reflux you know that every outfit you wear is inevitably going to get dirty.

You spend all day caring for your baby, washing and cleaning up the mess from the reflux. It is so hard to find time for yourself and you often spend all day in clothes that are wet and marks all over!

These outfit ideas for a reflux mum are all comfortable and easy to clean.

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10 Outfits for A Reflux Mum

1. Leggings

Invest in several pairs of good quality leggings. These are so easy to throw in the washing machine and because the material is thinner they will dry quickly. Avoid light colours that show up wet patches – I always go for the staple black leggings.

2. Vest tops

These are great to wear instead of nursing tops. You can wear them under any top and it becomes that extra layer to cover you up. This makes it easier to change into a clean top while you are out or visiting friends and family. They are also good if you are breastfeeding because you can do the one up one down method (pull one top up and the other down to keep you covered).

3. Button Down Tops

Really comfy and easy to wear of leggings. You can leave them open and then button them up if you end up with a stain on your top.


4. Scarf

This was one of the most useful accessories for me as a mum of a reflux baby. It is great for covering up stain, using to mop up any mess in an emergency and great for a cover up when you’re breastfeeding.

You can also buy nursing scarves that can be used as car seat covers, pushchair covers and trolley seat covers too.

5. Hair Accessories

Always wear or carry these with you if you have long hair. If you don’t tie your hair back your baby will definitely vomit on it, especially if you have just washed it.

These bobbles don’t leave any kinks in your hair, so they are great to use even on freshly washed hair.

6. Thin Tops and Jumpers

Even if the weather is cold you are better wearing lots of layers of thinner materials, These are much easier for you to wash and dry. Layers also mean you can easily change the outer top rather than having to replace the whole outfit.

7. Muslins

Yes, these do become part of your outfit as the mum of a reflux baby.

Always carry a supply of basic muslins with you wherever you go. Cover your clothes with one when you’re feeding your baby and keep it over you as much as possible when you’re sitting holding you baby or winding them after feeding.

Always keep a better quality clean muslin to give to a family or friend that holds the baby to cover their clothes with first.

8. Nursing Bra

All new mums need a comfortable but supportive nursing bra if they are breastfeeding. You need one that is easy to wash as sometimes the baby will vomit a large amount and your clothes will be soaked all the way through.

Also, stock up on washable nursing pads to prevent anymore wet patches on your clothes.

9. Maternity Dresses

I found these type of dresses were so comfy and easy to wear even after having my baby.

The material was thin and I could layer them over a vest top. As they were maternity dresses they were easy to pull to the side for breastfeeding. They also made me feel like I had made more of an effort than just wearing leggings.

10. Long Cardigan

A long cardigan is really useful as a cover up. You can throw it on when your out if you suddenly get marks or wet patches on your clothes. It is also comfy and cosy and can make your outfit look well put together.

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You don’t need to lots of new outfit ideas as a reflux mum. Go through your wardrobe and look for darker colours and thinner materials. Add a few staple pieces that will see you through this phase. Although it can feel like it will never end it will. You will be able to go out without vomit on you again!

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