10 Essential Items for Weaning a Reflux or Allergy Baby

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There are so many products to choose from you’re weaning your reflux or allergy baby.

You don’t need to spend lots to find great quality products. Just remember that during and after every meal you will have vomiting.

You will have a huge pile of items that need cleaning. So only use items that are easy to wipe clean or you can throw in the washing machine or dishwasher. These items will make your life easier and are all easy to clean.

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1. Easy to clean highchair

If you are on a budget and want a highchair that is so easy to keep clean then go for the IKEA Antilop. You can also get highchair inserts for it to make it comfier for a baby that has only just learned to sit up.

If you have a bigger budget then the Stokke Trip Trap is amazing as it grows with your child – can actually take the weight of an adult. It comes in a lovely range of colours, it is small and discreet and has good support for a baby.

2. Silicone Feeding Bib

When they start weaning I prefer to use a silicone bib as they are so much easier to keep clean, especially when they have reflux. They only need a quick wipe or a rinse under the tap and they’re ready to use again.

They are also really useful for taking out as they catch the food and any drink and stop their clothes getting wet or stained. It can easily be rolled up and popped in a changing bag.

3. Bowls and spoons

If you want to limit the amount of food thrown on to the floor then a suction bowl is really useful! The munchkin bowls come in three different sizes and are good if you are trying baby-led weaning. They attach to the highchair tray with a suction cup and are easy to remove.

We used the soft tip spoons for the first few months of weaning as they are really gentle on the gums. Then we moved on to using a fork and a spoon.

4. Sippy Cup

At 6 months we used the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup and liked how easy it was to hold and drink from. They are a lovely design and great colours so it is easy to find in your bag. If it gets thrown on the floor there is only a small splash and not a whole cup of water. You do need to take it apart and wash the lid properly after each use to make sure it stays clean.

As my baby got older she preferred using a bottle which was easy to carry around and use independently. I found these bottles to be so easy to clean and we had less spillages using them

5. Silicone Feeder

We used the Naturebond silicone baby feeder. It is so easy to clean under the tap and I have put it in the steriliser for a deep clean when it has been dropped on the floor.

I find these much easier to clean than a mesh feeder and it is great for putting bits of your meal in when you are out to keep your baby entertained. It is also good when baby is teething if you put in cold pear or carrot for them to chew.

6. Steamer and Blender

To make their first foods it is much easier to use a steamer and blender in one. I used the Philips Avent combined steamer and blender. It is just the right size for making a batch of baby food and you only have one pot to clean. You are able to blend the food as much as you like to choose the right texture to suit your baby. You can also choose different flavours to combine.

7. Weaning Storage

A silicone freezer tray works really well as you can freeze the food in small portions. When you want to feed your baby you can easily pop out as many cubes of food as you like. You can also freeze them in batches and combine different flavours to vary their meals. Having a clip-on lid makes the trays more practical as you can stack them in your freezer. It is great for weaning a reflux or allergy baby because you can prevent contamination.

8. Baby Pouch Maker

Another storage option is to put any purees into pouches using a squeeze station. This makes the food easy to store in the fridge or to freeze. It is also really handy for taking baby food out with you. This can be good if your baby has allergies and you need to take your own food with you.

9. A Breadmaker

Buying free from bread is expensive. I bought the Panasonic breadmaker with a gluten free programme and the whole family love it. We make gluten free loaves, normal white loaves and pizza dough every week. The children love it and I can bake loaves with vitalite spread to make sure they are dairy-free. It has been a fantastic investment for us.

10. Messy Mat

This really useful under the highchair to protect against spillages. It is also great to put over your carpet when your baby is playing to protect against vomiting.

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