10 Ways To Have A Happy Mum And Reflux Baby

Happy Reflux Baby

It can be a difficult time being a new mum but if your baby has reflex it is even more exhausting. Your baby needs a lot of comforting, finds it harder to sleep and makes a lot of mess. It is hard to stay positive and enjoy your baby. These 10 ways will help you to be a happy mum and reflux baby.

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Tips For A Happy Mum And Reflux Baby

1. Ask for Medical Advice

Make sure you get medical advice from your health visitor and GP. They will be able to check your baby’s symptoms and offer advice. They will also recommend medication that can help to relieve the symptoms.

2. Record your Progress

When you are dealing with reflux everyday it is easy to miss the small steps of progress your baby is making. One way to stay positive is to record any milestones or positive progress on a calendar. You can then see when your baby manages to sleep a bit longer, have less symptoms or feed better.

Another way to track baby’s progress is to keep a weaning planner. This can help you to identify any foods which trigger reflux symptoms. It will also be a record as their symptoms decrease and they eat a wider variety of foods.

reflux planner
11 editable pages | A4 and A5
11 editable pages | A4 and A5

3. Talk to Other Parents

When you start talking to other mums you will realise how many babies suffer from colic, reflux and have food allergies. They will happily share their stories with and offer you support. It is also reassuring to hear about babies that have recovered from reflux. There is also so much support on blogs you can add comments or just read advice from other mums.

4. Take Photographs

When you are always covered in spit up you don’t feel like having your photo taken. But when the reflux becomes easier to manage or is completely gone you will want to look back on this time. It doesn’t matter if you look tired or a mess take lots of photos.

5. Time For You

Taking time out for you is so important. To feel positive and manage everything you need to have a guilt-free break. Even if it’s just to have a shower or a bath. Don’t use any time out for cleaning or other chores this won’t help you to recharge and be a positive mum. The chores will still be there later.

6. Get out of the House

It can really improve your mood if you get out in the fresh air and daylight. It gives you perspective and helps you to realise this is just a phase and you will get through it. Also it is good for you and baby to find activities and places to visit that you enjoy and feel comfortable in. If you need advice on how to get out with a reflux baby then take a look at this post.

7. Sleep

The lack of sleep is one of the hardest parts of having a reflux baby. Your baby finds it hard to sleep because lying down is so uncomfortable for them. So you have to sit and rock them or walk around holding them upright when you just want to close your eyes.

If uou have help make sure you take it in turns when you can. A few hours sleep helps you to see the situation more positively. Also,, try these ideas for getting your baby to sleep better:

8. Accept Help

Ask for help and accept it without feeling guilty. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you need help with. It might be putting a load of washing on, taking the baby for a walk or just a chat. Most people are willing to help because they know how exhausting being a parent can be.

9. Get Dressed

Make sure you take care of you each day. It can seem like a waste of time when you know you will have spit up on you within minutes. But find time to get dressed and freshen up as this will help you to feel positive and motivated. Take a look at these outfit tips for reflux mums:

10. Try Out Tips and Advice

Read about what has worked for other reflux babies and try out their tips and hacks. You may find something that really helps to make your day easier and your baby happier.

happy mum and reflux baby
happy mum and reflux baby
Happy Reflux Mum

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