11 Toys That Easily Transition From Baby To Toddler

toys that transition from baby to toddler

There are just so many toys to choose from for babies, you want to get fun, safe and educational toys. But you don’t want to spend lots of money filling your house full of toys that they will grow out of within a few weeks. These toys are all good quality toys that easily transition with your baby to a toddler.

1. Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs

These are suitable from 6 months old. They are easy for babies to hold, pick up, are colourful and make a fun noise. As your child grows they can play hide and seek with them, put the lid on and off the egg and then learn to sort the shapes. My nearly 3 year old still gets these out to play with.

2. Stacking Toy

Both of my children loved stacking toys. Babies love to put things inside them, bang them together and knock down the towers. As they get older they learn to stack the tower and to fit the cups inside of each other. This is also a great bath toy or for water and sand play in the garden.

3. A Shape Sorter

This a great toy to have. A baby can play picking up the shapes, feeling them and looking at the colours. As they get older they can learn the colour names, shape names and fit the shapes into the sorter. There is a wide range of shapes including harder ones. To make it easier for a baby just give them the easy shapes to begin with.

4. Good Quality Board Books

Books can last so long if you get good quality ones that will grow with your child. We read books to our baby from when they were born. These books are the ones that they love and still read at nearly 3 years old.

5. Bath Toys

Children of all ages love a bath toy. These can be used from when they are a baby and you can stick on the tubes and pour the water for them to watch. As they get older you can have a few sets so they can create intricate pipe systems.

6. Cuddly Toy

The first present we bought for our children before they were even born was a Jellycat bunny. They are so soft and lovely quality. They both take them to bed every night years later.

7. Ride On Toy

These are great fun and can grow with your baby. The Scuttle Bug has been used by both of my children and still looks like new. It folds up and is great for taking in the car or to friend’s houses. The Vtech train has blocks which do the letter sounds, buttons to push, music and lights which are good for entertaining a baby or toddler.

8. Wooden Toy

Wooden toys will last and be played with for years. They can also be kept to pass on to grandchildren. We have two Moover trucks and the pram and they are still played with everyday by a 6 year old and a nearly 3 year old. They are in great condition and look lovely in a playroom or bedroom.

9. Musical Instruments

Children love to bang on instruments and make a noise. If you get a good quality set it will be played with for years. These instruments are brightly coloured and easy for small children to use.

10. Playmobil 123

Playmobil 123 is really good quailty and great for younger children. It has bigger pieces and round corners so it is safe for them to play with. As they get older they will still use these sets with other toys particularly the people and animals.

11. Toy Telephone

Any toys which look like something a grown-up would use are always fun. Get an educational one which teaches numbers and music so it will be used for longer. They are also good for role-play.

Once you have children you know your house will be full of toys! But if you choose some of these toys that easily transition from baby to toddler you will save money and have more space in your house.

toys  from baby to toddler
toys that easily transition from baby to toddler

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