12 Reasons Why Your Family Will Love Using Alexa

There are so many reasons why your family will love using Alexa. She helps with organisation, makes family life simpler and is just fun.

It is easy for the children to use and there are ways for you to make sure they are safe when they are using it.

Alexa can be used with many devices to organise your home and make chores quick and easy to do.

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If you need help getting organised then try using a family planner. Weekly and monthly calendars, meal planners and set your weekly goals. Or take a look at these printables that can make family life easier.

12 Reasons to love Alexa

Alexa has so many skills and uses that you will find your whole family using it everyday. It will help to organise your life, control your home and entertain your family.

1. Alexa…set a timer, reminder or alarm

There are so many ways to use Alexa to get your family organised. Set timers for yourself or your children.

My children love this as they can see on the Echo show screen how many minutes they have left or they can even ask Alexa how long they have left on an activity.

Also, set reminders for any appointments or events you have coming up. It is so easy to tell Alexa to set a reminder as soon as you get that letter from school or party invitation.

The Echo Show 5 is a great alternative to an alarm clock. It is so quick to ask Alexa to set an alarm, turn on and off lights and so much more.

The screen is really clear, it automatically dims at night and you can customise the screen to display your own photos.

2. Alexa…what is the weather, news headlines or traffic update

My family all love asking Alexa what what the weather is going to be like that day. You can also ask Alexa for the news or a traffic updates for your local area.

3. Alexa…add milk to the shopping list

Add items to a list without having to find a piece of paper and a pen. You can create different lists which you can see on the screen of the Echo Show or ask Alexa to read your list to you.

You can also see and edit them on your Alexa app – this is useful when you are in a shop and can’t remember what you need.

4. Alexa…where’s my parcel?

Alexa can give you quick updates on when your Amazon deliveries will be delivered. Handy if you are going out or have forgotten what you have ordered.

5. Alexa…Who is at the door?

We really like the Ring doorbell. It lets you see, hear and speak to people at your front door. You also get alerts on your phone, tablet or PC if someone rings the doorbell or sets off the motion sensors.

Also it works with Alexa so you can get alerts on your compatible devices.

Ring also make a security camera that works with Alexa. It is powered by a battery pack which means it only takes minutes to install inside or outside your home.

You can see, hear or speak to people or pets in your home or outside from your compatible Alexa device.

6. Alexa…turn heating up

The Hive heating thermostat makes it so easy to control your heating from anywhere. Turn your heating on before you get home or turn it off while your out to save money. It can even remind you to turn your heating off if you go out and leave it on.

7. Alexa… turn lights on

The Philips Hue lighting has a great range of lights that work with Alexa. You can turn lights on and off in different rooms in the house, change the colour and brightness of the lights to suit the room. They are easy to set up and have lots of accessories that work with them.

We have a variety of their lighting in different rooms of our house, we have used the app to set up each room with different colours, brightness and timers. We have lights that come on as it gets dark for security and lights that turn off at bedtime.

8. Alexa…play kids TV

My family love using Alexa to play kids movies and shows on Amazon Prime. You can play these through so many different compatible devices and it is good to know the children have safe shows to choose from.

Amazon Prime also lets you play songs on Prime music, borrow books from the Kindle lending library and have free one day delivery on lots of items. It is really useful and reasonably priced. You can also have a trial for 30 days to see if you like it.

9. Alexa…play Amazon music

It is so easy to ask Alexa to play a specific song, playlist or station. You can also play your favourite radio station if you don’t have Amazon Prime.

We like to have it playing when we’re getting ready for school every morning. The children can easily ask Alexa to play, stop, skip a song, and turn it up or down. We also like that the lyrics scroll up on the screen so we can have a sing-along!

10. Alexa…play my favourite show

Amazon Prime also has so many box sets to watch. You always have something new to sit down and watch or a new series to start. It is so much easier than scrolling through the TV channels.

11. Alexa…show a recipe for

Alexa can show you a recipe from the BBC Good food website. If you have the Echo Show it will show you each step of the recipe and you can follow along in the kitchen.

It is much easier and less messy than using a cook book. You can just ask Alexa to show the next step without having to touch the screen.

12. Alexa…play my book

If you find it hard to find the time to sit down and read a book then give audio books a try. Ask Alexa to play your book and she will read it to you while your multi-tasking. You can have a free trial of audible for 30 days on Amazon to see if you like it and use it.

Alexa and the echo show
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There are so many reasons why my family love using Alexa. It has made it so much easier to control our home, stay organised and saves us time. Try it for yourself and see how it could make your busy life easier.

Alexa and the echo show
Alexa and the echo show

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