15 must-have Baby Items 0-6 months

must-have baby items

These must-have baby items are all products I have used with both of my children between 0 and 6 months. These items are all smaller purchases as the bigger items were all bought before my first baby was born and are included in Essential buys for a new baby.

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1. Lamaze clip-on toys

These toys are really good quality and great to clip onto car seats, pushchairs and baby gyms. They come in a variety of designs in contrasting colours and textures. I bought two of these for my son and they have been given to my daughter 4 years later still in perfect condition.

2. Lamaze Interactive Cloth Book

Cloth books are a great way to introduce your baby to reading. I always had one of these around from when my baby was born because I love to read and wanted my children to as well. I bought a variety of designs from different places but I really Lamaze toys as they are such good quality and very interactive.

3. Sophie the Giraffe Activity spiral

This attaches to the pushchair or car seat and has small toys that dangle down to amuse the baby. It is really cute and the toys are really colourful and have different sounds and textures. I even put it in a pillowcase and washed it in the washing machine (reflux baby life!) and it came out in one piece!

4. Grobag

They can be bought in different sizes and togs to suit the season.  I put my baby into this as part of our bedtime and nap time routine to show her it is time to sleep.

5. Muslins

These really are a must-have baby item. I use these for everything and have them stashed all around the house and car. They have so many uses such as wiping up messes, blankets, covering car seat/pram, chewing on…the list is endless. I love the aden+anais muslins because they wash so well and last a long time.

6. Fisher Price Rainforest Gym

This has music, lights, nature sounds and detachable toys which my children have loved especially the mirror. It can be folded up for storage and can be wiped clean easily. I have washed the mat in the washing machine a few times and it still looks like new.

7. Ingenuity convert me swing 2 seat

This can be a swing or a vibrating seat. It’s a great way to put the baby down safely while you get yourself ready for the day, especially if you have a reflux baby who can’t lie down flat. It has a small detachable toy that can keep them entertained and I have also attached their favourite toys to it.

8. Boppy pillow

It supports baby when you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, also great to prop baby up or to practice sitting up in.

9. Big Milk Bibs

Tommee Tippee Closer to nature bibs are a great size for bottle feeding and protect their clothes well. They are really soft and I really like the padded neck for newborns as it is so gentle on their skin.

10. Funky Giraffe Bibs

These bibs are amazing for teething or sicky babies they soak up so much moisture and it doesn’t leak through the back of the bib onto the clothes. They come in loads of lovely designs and wash really well. My daughter wears one of these everyday as she has reflux and these help to keep her clothes dry.

11. Sophie the Giraffe Teether

This was such a good teether for my son that I purchased another one as soon as I found out I was pregnant for the second time. It is so easy for them to hold and get into their mouth I also purchased a toy strap to stop my baby constantly throwing it on the floor.

12. Jellycat Rabbit

A special toy –is really important. Both of my children have a jellycat rabbit from when they were born and I had to have one too. I love them, they are so soft and such good quality. My daughter also loves her Baby Annabel newborn doll and takes her everywhere.

13. Silicone Dummy Strap

This is great to attach dummy to the baby but also to attach toys to the pushchair or car seat and can be used as a teether. We attach baby Annabel to the pushchair for the school run.

14. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This is an amazing toy and has saved my sanity with both children. It has so many interactive features on it (lights, music, toys that move and make noise) and it’s great to encourage them to move and strengthen their legs. This was definitely one of my best buys!

15. Calpol Vapour plug and Nightlight

This really helps if your baby is snuffly and needs help to get to sleep. Pop one refill pad into the plug and it smells of lavender and camomile all night. I have used this a lot with my daughter as she is often snuffly because of her allergies.

baby must-haves
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These must-have baby items are the same or very similar to ones that I have bought myself and loved using with my children. Click on any of the links or images to take a closer look at any of the must-have baby items and check out the latest prices.

must have baby items
must-have baby items

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