12 Items a Reflux Baby needs in the Car

Items to keep in a family cay

Check out this list of surprising and not so surprising must have items to keep in your car. Since becoming a mum my car has become a portable changing table, a toy box, a snack shop, a nap area and a place for my son to store his stick collection! I keep a lot of things in my car especially as a mum of a reflux baby as there is always something that they want or need!

Travel changing mat

Keep a travel changing mat in the car full of all the supplies your baby might need. I keep spare nappies, wipes, nappy bags, nappy cream and a spare set of baby clothes.

Sachets of infant paracetamol

I always keep a few sachets of paracetamol and a syringe in the travel changing mat, just in case any pain starts while we are out. This has been a life saver on a few occasions when we have been visiting relatives.

Spare set of clothes

Keep a couple of simple sets of clothes for your baby in a resealable bag in the boot. Reflux babies often soak though a set of clothes so it is important to keep more than one set. I keep a vest, socks, leggings and a t-shirt. I keep each set in a separate resealable bag so I can seal up the dirty clothes. I also keep a spare top for myself.

A Blanket

Useful if they are tired and want to snuggle up or if they are feeling poorly. Also handy if you need to cover a seat or if you run out of clean clothes for them!

Extra Wipes

Always keep an extra pack of wipes in the front of the car. Put them somewhere easy to grab just in case your baby vomits while you’re in the car. Also great for wiping down clothes or shoes, a quick wipe down inside the car , wiping down a car seat, wiping dirty faces…and a million other uses!

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Water bottle

I always make sure I take one with me from home as it is much cheaper than buying a single bottle of water while we are out.

Essential items for the family car

Bag of snacks

I always take a bag of snacks in a resealable bag or pot. Snacks we like to take are a mini box of raisins, a pot of mixed cereal with some chocolate chips thrown in, breadsticks, a small packet of crisps or popcorn. As she got older, we have found that my daughter’s reflux is better if she has small snacks more often rather than eating big meals.

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Small toys

We always have a few small toys that we keep in the car. These are a great distraction if your baby gets upset as it is a toy they won’t see very often and it will hold their interest. We also take a favourite cuddly toy and a teether.

Seat back covers

I put off buying these for a while because I wasn’t sure if they were necessary. But they make my life easier so they are definitely necessary for me. They keep the back of the front chairs clean from muddy feet which saves me cleaning time. They also have small pockets to keep in essentials like tissues, small toys, wipes, water bottle and snacks.

Teething toy

Keep one in the glove box or attach one to the car seat so they are easy to reach when you are driving. I use a silicone dummy clip to attach toys and teethers to my daughter’s seat. This keeps her busy!

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Music and stories

Keep a selection of their favorite songs and stories. I have put them all onto my phone so I always have them with me. They are great if the children are tired or upset and need calming down.


As a reflux parent you will need a constant supply of these. Never leave home without them!

As a busy parent you will already have some of these items tucked away in your car. But I hope there may have been something you hadn’t thought to keep in your car or a new way to organize something to make your life a little bit easier.

Family car
Must have car items

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