21 Tips and Tricks that help a Baby with Reflux

Reflux tips and tricks checklist

I have been dealing with reflux since my daughter was six weeks old. She hasn’t outgrown it yet and she is now nine months. We can however see an improvement and we are able to manage her symptoms a lot more effectively. These tips and tricks have all been personally tested and have worked for us.

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My Tips and Tricks


  • Give frequent small feeds throughout the day, so the tummy does not get too full
  • Try to get baby to keep still and quiet after a feed
  • Keep the baby upright for about 30 minutes after a feed to keep the milk down
  •  If you are breastfeeding avoiding certain foods such as caffeine, spicy, dairy and citrus may help.
  • Wind your baby during the feed – we were stopping to wind after every ounce
  • Don’t let baby get too hungry or they guzzle their feed too quickly
  • If you’re bottle or combination feeding choose your bottles carefully to avoid colic. I love Dr Browns bottles and have used them with both of my children
  • Dummies can reduce the amount of comfort nursing your baby wants to do and the sucking can help alleviate some pain. Try a variety of dummies to see which one your baby takes to.


  • Try sitting baby in a boppy pillow or a chair rather than laying them on a mat. My daughter loved to sit in her swing while I was getingt ready in the morning.
  • Sitting in the car seat can put pressure on their tummy so time feedings with this in mind
  • Using a baby carrier can help as it keeps them in an upright position
  • Propping up the end of the cot can reduce vomiting
  • Propping up the mattress in your pram or using a pushchair on a tilt also reduces vomiting
  • Prop up your changing table or put a folded up blanket under the head area of your changing mat
  • Think about how you are carrying baby, don’t put any pressure on the tummy or carry them lying too flat
Tips and tricks for reflux


  • Have a supply of muslins and bibs to hand. These are much easier to replace than stained clothes or carpets. My favourite types of bibs are Funky Giraffe bibs and Zippy bibs – they are often soaked on the front but it doesn’t go through to the clothes.
  • Dress baby in clothes that are loose around their tummy
  • Wear clothes that are easy to wash and dry and layers so you can cover up vomit stains quickly.


  • There is different ways to thicken feeds which help to stop the vomiting. See your GP to get this prescribed. We tried Gaviscon for about 4 months but it didn’t make much difference. We now use Carobel and so far it seems to be helping.
  • The GP can also prescribe ranitidine. This reduces the amount of acid your baby vomits which stops it burning their food pipe and throat.
  • Moving on to hypoallergenic formula can really help if your baby has a cow’s milk protein allergy.
Reflux baby tips and tricks
Reflux tips and tricks

If you have any other suggestions that have worked for you, share them in the comments below.

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