9 Easy Outfit Tips Breastfeeding Mums Need To See

When you are a breastfeeding mum you need to have clothes you can easily feed your baby in. But you also need to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. These outfit tips for breastfeeding mums will help you to find clothes that are comfortable, practical and still make you feel confident.

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1. Supportive Nursing Bra

This is an essential part of your outfit when you are breastfeeding. Nursing mums really need to have a soft and comfortable bra. The straps need to be wider to support the weight of your breasts and the hook clasp needs to be easy to undo.

2. A Sleep Bra

You need a really soft and comfy sleep bra that is easy to breastfeed with. A sleep bra supports your breasts and can hold nursing pads to prevent leaking in your bed.

3. Loungewear

Loungewear sets are so comfy. They feel like wearing pyjamas but are smart enough for those unexpected visitors that come round to see the baby. They are also soft enough to be able to take a nap in. Throw on a longline cardigan instead of dressing gown to complete this stay at home outfit.

4. Special Underwear

When you are first postpartum you need to choose your underwear carefully to prevent any leaks. Disposable underwear is great for the first few days. After that it can be more comfortable to wear high waisted underwear, they are good if you have had a C section, give some hold to the tummy area and hold a pad securely.

5. Leggings

These are so comfy to wear especially around the tummy area. You can continue to wear maternity leggings or just wear a size larger if it is more comfortable. You can wear a long top or button down shirt to make it easy to breastfeed.

6. Vest Tops

If you find it easier you can buy a nursing top that has clasps you can undo to breastfeed in. But you can also easily feed in a normal vest top. Wear a vest top under a larger top, then when you need to feed just pull your vest top down and your outer top up. This keep you covered and makes it easy to feed baby.

7. Wrap Dress

An alternative to nursing dresses is the wrap dress. These will have a deep V shape which make it easy to pull the top to the side to feed baby. You can also wear a vest top underneath for an extra layer. You can also wear any maternity dresses with a deep V neck in them.

8. Bralette

If you don’t need as much support a bralette can be a good option. You can get an unpadded bralette that has decorative straps. You can then wear off the shoulder tops or wide necked tops with the straps on show.

9. Scarf

This can be a pretty accessory that makes you feel more confident. But it can also offer some coverage when you are breastfeeding. You can even buy nursing scarves that can be used as car seat covers.

Outfit Breastfeeding Mums will love

Try these outfit tips for breastfeeding mums and feel comfortable, practical and confident. You can mix these items with clothes already in your wardrobe to make all of your outfits breastfeeding friendly.

Outfit Tips Breastfeeding Mums
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