9 Side Hustles that make Money

This post may contain some referral links to the maternity side hustles. If you sign up via my referral link I will earn a small reward at no cost to you.

As I settled into my maternity leave and became used to being a new mum I started wanting to go out and enjoy new activities with my baby. However, money can be tight when you are on maternity leave and have a new addition to the family. Finding the extra cash for anything that isn’t a necessity can be hard. So I started looking for maternity side hustles I could do quickly and easily while the baby napped.

I was very skeptical about this at first. I wasn’t convinced I would actually make any money. But within a few weeks, I had received a £20 Amazon gift card and a cashout to PayPal. I realised that you could make money, but you do need to put the time in. As a busy mum, I cannot give enough time to make lots of money from this. But by hustling in my spare time, I can make enough extra money to buy presents, treats or to contribute to household necessities. These are the maternity side hustles that I am still using as a stay at home mum.

1. Blogging

Let me start by saying that blogging is not one of the quick maternity side hustles. You have to really want to blog and be patient to get this to work. I started blogging towards the end of my second maternity leave. I had been managing severe reflux and CMPA and wanted to help other parents who were in similar situations. So I started my blog without having the first clue what I needed to do!

If starting your own blog is something you are thinking about, then just go for it because you will learn everything you need to know along the way. Start by finding a simple to use and reliable hosting site. After much research, I chose to go with Siteground Hosting and they have been fantastic. They are easy to use and so helpful if you need advice. I have learned so much in the last few months and I still love writing my blog. Within the first few months, I had received some products in return for a review. I am now looking to join Amazon affiliates.

2. Inboxpounds

To earn rewards you take part in surveys, search the web, or sign up for offers. You earn real money on this site instead of points, which I prefer. I complete several surveys each day and can earn anywhere from 20p up to £1.50 per survey.  I also do the free spins and usually have several wins. It can also be worth using the search the web feature as for every 4 searches you can earn 1p or more. I usually do this when I am nearing my withdrawal amount and need to make a few extra pence to reach my goal. To withdraw your money you need to earn £20. Then you exchange it for a gift card – I usually go for Amazon. You can opt for a cheque, but it does take longer to arrive. Click here to go to the Inboxpounds site.

3. Vypr

This is an app made for apple or android. You have short questions to answer and in return you earn points. The questions help companies to develop their products. I find this is the simplest side hustle to do as it is so quick and easy. But you do have to earn 10,000 points before you receive a £5 reward to PayPal. Most questions are worth 10 points or at most 40 points, so it can take a while to get to a reward. But you do only need to spend a couple of minutes on it each day to earn points towards your total. Click here to go to the Vypr site.

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4. CitizenMe

This is a simple app made for apple or android. You answer short questions for businesses who want to hear real people’s opinions. A lot of the questions on this app are just for fun, so you don’t earn a reward by doing them. Any questions that can be answered in exchange for money are clearly labeled. This money will go straight into your PayPal account when you have finished answering the questions. I have earned quite a few 10p rewards and even some 50p rewards. So the questions aren’t worth a huge amount but it is an immediate reward. Click here to go to the CitizenMe site.

5. Enlightly

This is an app that gives you really short and quick rounds of questions to answer. Each question is worth around 5p and you can withdraw your cash to PayPal at £5. I think this one was worth initially signing up for because you get two new missions. When you answer 50 questions you get a £2.50 bonus and when you answer 100 questions you get £7.50 bonus. So within a few weeks, I had earned nearly £20. Since then, however, I have hardly earned anything and haven’t had any new rounds of questions for weeks. Click here to go to the Enlightly site.

6. Prolific

This is one of my favourites. You fill in a profile all about you and your life when you sign up. Researchers then use this information to pick people to invite to answer their research questions. This means you don’t waste any time answering surveys that you get sv=creened out of. The rewards vary from a few pence to several pounds. You can withdraw your cash when you have reached £5 and can have it paid straight into PayPal. I like completing these surveys because I know they are helping someone with useful research not just new products for companies. Click here to go to the Prolific site.


This can be used online and as an app. It is a survey site but you can install a browser extension that gives you cash rewards for searches. I have only completed the surveys but this is one of my favourite side hustles. Although you do get screened out of the surveys quite often the cash rewards are pretty good when you do qualify. I have received my payments quickly and can easily see my reward total adding up. I have just received my first cash payment and it went into my PayPal account immediately. Click here to go to QMEE site.

If you have just started your maternity leave take a look at my Essential Guide to Childbirth. It has guides to hypnobirthing, TENS machines, birthing balls and postpartum advice.

Childbirth the Essential Guide

8. Clickworker

I have been using this for a while now. You complete short digital tasks for a set amount of money. You can complete as many or as few jobs as you want from the selection of tasks. Some of the tasks are for very small samounts but if you do a few of these they can quickly add up. I have found that I get higher paying jobs by using the app. You receive your cash payment via PayPal and your money is quickly transferred if you have reached the payout amount each month. I have had quite a few payments from them. Click here to go to Clickworker.

9. Swagbucks

You can earn rewards by completing online surveys, playing games, shopping and watching videos. Although I only do the surveys as watching the videos is too time-consuming. There are lots of surveys to choose from, but you don’t qualify for them all. When you have earned enough Swagbucks you can exchange them for your choice of gift card. When I have enough Swagbucks (around 800) I exchange them for a £5 Amazon gift card. Then I leave this in my Amazon account until I want to purchase something. It is always a nice surprise when you go to pay for your basket and you have £5 (or more) less to pay. Click here to go to the Swagbucks site.

Maternity side hustles are a great way to make some extra money and they really do work. They have helped me to buy presents for my children, home items and other necessities that we hadn’t planned for. You can’t lose anything by trying them out so just pick one and give it a go!

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