9 Surprisingly Useful Infant Reflux Hacks

Infant reflux hacks

All infant reflux mums need hacks to help them to save time.

Your baby needs holding and comforting and you want to be there to do it. But you also have a huge pile of washing from all the vomiting, stains on the carpet, meals to prepare and so many more chores that need to be done.

These hacks are small changes you can make that will save you time and help you to get things done.

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9 Infant Reflux Hacks

1. Small Loads of Washing

Do smaller loads of washing more often if you need to dry it inside. This will help the washing to dry quicker and make it easier for you to find places to dry it.

It is easier to wash small loads throughout the day. This will help you not to run out of clothes when you baby is regularly being sick on them.

2. Wash Toys Regularly

Washing toys regularly prevents staining from the reflux vomiting.

Most soft toys can be washed in the washing machine – put them inside a pillow case to protect them.

Solid plastic toys can be washed in the top shelf of your dishwasher or wiped down with a sterilising wipe.

3. Meal Prep

When your baby has reflux there will be certain foods that trigger their symptoms. If you need some help with this take a look at The Simple Guide To Weaning A Reflux Baby.

It can really help if you plan your meals carefully, keep a record of any new foods you introduce to your baby and any new symptoms they show. Plan your weekly meals in advance so you can avoid any trigger foods.

reflux planner
11 editable pages | Available in pink and black and white | A4 and A5
11 editable pages | Available in pink and black and white | A4 and A5

4. Keep Carpets Covered

Reflux babies can vomit without any warning. Until my baby had outgrown severe reflux I kept the area she was playing on covered with a washable playmat, large blanket, muslin or wipeable play tiles. This saved my carpets from getting stained.

On those occasions when they are sick on your carpet this is the best carpet shampoo I found for quickly removing smells and stains.

5. Bibs And Muslins Everywhere

Make your life easier by having an easy supply of bibs and muslins. I had a huge variety of bandana bibs in different patterns and styles, I would always put on on my baby to help prevent all the clothes being stained. If it was a small amount of reflux I could also get away with just changing the bib rather than a whole outfit.

6. Make a Clean Up Caddy

Always keep the essentials in a handy place that you can grab when you baby has projectile vomited everywhere!

Fill your caddy with wipes, a change of outfit, nappy, nappy bags (to put the dirty wipes in or dirty clothes), muslins, towel, changing mat, small toy to keep them busy.

You can also pop your carpet shampoo and some cloths in there.

7. Use a Baby Carrier

A baby carrier keeps your baby upright which reduces vomiting. It can also give them comfort while you have two hands to do things.

It can also be an easier way to go on walks if your baby is uncomfortable lying flat in a pram with reflux. This is the one we used with our reflux baby.

8. Play Outside

If the weather is suitable play outside as much as you can. It is a great distraction for you and your baby, but it also makes cleaning up so much easier.

If baby vomits outside you can just hose down the grass or patio. You can use your wipeable play mat to make a safe place for baby to play.

You can make a play area inside an empty paddling pool. Just place a few of their toys inside and they have their own easy to clean play area. You can also do this indoors if you want to.

9. Choose Practical Clothes

Babies with reflux need a lot of outfit changes, so choose practical clothes that are quick to take on and off.

It is easier to put them in two pieces rater than sleepsuits, You will have less poppers to do and you can just change the part of the outfit that is wet.

Put them in layers rather than thicker clothes as they will wash and dry quicker. You can slao just change the layers that are wet.

There are also small changes you can make to your wardrobe that will make it easier when you have a baby with reflux.

Try out these infant reflux hacks and see how much time they can save you. When you are dealing with the ups and downs of reflux you need to do anything that can make your life that little bit easier. For more help and advice take a look at my other blog posts about having a reflux baby.

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