9 Tried and Tested Ways To Manage Infant Reflux Naturally

Manage Infant Reflux Naturally

There are lots of ways to manage infant reflux naturally. I tried out so many tips and hacks when I found out my baby had severe infant reflux. I wanted to find natural ways to ease her pain and make her happier. These are the ten things that made the most difference to my baby.

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How To Manage Infant Reflux Naturally

1. Sleeping Position

Getting a good night sleep makes such a difference to your baby and you. Having reflux means your baby struggles to sleep as they are in so much discomfort. To help them to sleep for longer try elevating their sleeping position. This post share how to elevate their sleeping position safely:

2. Upright Position

Being upright is the best position for a reflux baby. It stops the acid from rising upwards and prevents pressure on their tummy.

I found the easiest way to keep my baby upright was to use a baby carrier. It is a safe way to carry them while letting you have two hands to do other things.

When you do put your baby down try to keep them slightly elevated by putting them in a baby swing.

3. Feeding Position

At feeding time always keep your baby as upright as you can. This will help to reduce some of the vomiting. Make sure your baby stays upright for as long as possible after their feed. Don’t lay them down or put them in a position which puts pressure on their tummy.

4. Size of Feeds

When you are feeding your baby only give them a small amount of their feed. Then spend time winding properly before giving them another small amount of their feed. You need to try and do this for breast and bottle feeding. This tops them from becoming too full and causing them more discomfort.

There are lots of bottles that are designed to reduce colic symptoms. It is really worth trying these to find out if there is one that helps to reduce your baby’s symptoms. My baby reacted best to the Dr Brown’s bottles.

5. Sucking

Sucking can really help to relieve some of the discomfort from reflux. This can be why a baby feeds more often than they need too. Over feeding can cause them more pain and vomiting.

Using a soother can prevent them from wanting to feed more than they need to. There are different shaped soothers so if your baby doesn’t like the first one try a brand to get a shape that suits your baby’s likes.

Both of these pacifiers are suitable from newborn.

6. Avoiding Trigger Foods

When you start weaning your baby it is really helpful to understand which foods can trigger reflux symptoms and make your baby more uncomfortable. These posts show you how to wean a reflux baby, give meal suggestions, essential items you will need and explain how to keep a food diary.

7. Breastfeeding Diet

It isn’t only when you wean your baby you have to think carefully about their diet. If you are breastfeeding you need to think how your diet is affecting your baby. Some trigger foods can be passed through the breastmilk and cause your baby discomfort.

A way to find out if certain foods are triggering their reflux is to keep a food diary while you do the elimination diet. If you think a food is causing your baby pain then stop eating it for a few weeks and see if your baby’s symptoms improve. Keep a record of which food you have eliminated and which symptoms your baby shows. You can then look back through the food diary and see if the symptoms have improved or stayed the same. If they improve you will know that food is causing their symptoms to flare up.

8. Manage Teething

Some mums find that teething can make reflux symptoms worse. This definitely happened to my baby. when she was teething or unwell her reflux would flare up and she would vomit a lot more, be more irritable and in more pain. We found lots of ways to try and manage teething and relieve her discomfort:

9. Check for other Medical Conditions

Get medical advice from your GP and health visitor. They will talk with you about your baby’s symptoms and will make sure their are no underlying health conditions. Babies with reflux an have a cow’s milk allergy which triggers their reflux symptoms. This is what my baby had.

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These nine ways to manage infant reflux naturally are all easy for you to try for yourself at home. Remember that most babies will recover from infant reflux when they reach one year old. Keep taking care of yourself and ask for as much help as you need.

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