7 Easy Steps That Create A Calm Evening Routine For Kids

7 step evening routine for kids

By the time children get home from school they can be tired, hungry and sometimes grumpy. Having a consistent calm evening routine for your kids lets them know what is going to happen as soon as they get home. They know what is going to happen throughout the evening, but still have the opportunity to make their own choices.

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Take a look at these child-friendly chores:

Step 1 – Getting Changed

First changes out of any uniform and wash their hands. I think this helps children to see that the school day is over and starts the evening routine. It also stops them from ruining their school uniform or spreading any school germs around the house.

Step 2 – Snack Time

Have a small healthy snack ready if they ask to avoid them becoming too hungry. Also encourage them to have a drink because some children don’t drink as much while they are at school.

Step 3 – Free Play

Then have free play where they can choose how to unwind from the day. Have a set amount of screen time and allow them the choice of when to use it. Use this time to do anything you need to do.


Step 4 – Dinner Time

While you eat dinner talk to each other a good bit of your day. By modelling this behaviour, it can encourage your children to be more open and find out all sorts of interesting and funny things about the day. You can also play ‘Would you rather to find out interesting things about each other.

Step 5 – Reading and Homework

Try to do school reading before bedtime so children can enjoy their own books as part of the bedtime routines. Try to read books, do any homework and learn spellings. If they are just too tired or life is just too busy that day, try to do one really quick two minute activity such as checking they can spell keywords.

Step 5 – Bath Time

If you have children who love water they can be in the bath for ages so leave plenty of time to play. Then pyjamas on, have a vitamin and clean teeth. If they like to drag out any of these activities try setting a timer or playing a teeth brushing song.

Step 7 – Bedtime

Turn on the Groclock or nightlight as part of the bedtime routine. Enjoy reading a book and having a cuddle. Set a limit of how many books you will read before you start so they know what is going to happen.

If they have trouble falling asleep you can let them look at a book on their own or listen to a story CD for ten minutes. If they feel like they have control over when they are going to sleep it can make bedtime much calmer.

bedtime routine for children

Having a calm evening routine for your kids makes life easier for the whole family. Take some ideas from these steps and create a calm routine that works for you.

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