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I’m Rebecca and I want to welcome you to Loving Mummy Life. I want to share with you a bit about me, so you know the reasons why I became a mummy blogger.

I am a mummy to a 4 year old son and an 11 month old daughter. My son is always full of energy, he has a great sense of humor and loves to learn. My daughter is already very feisty, she knows her own mind and loves to squeal! Along with their daddy we make a family of four.

I have been a primary school teacher for 12 years and I love my job. I enjoy spending time choosing inspiring books, planning interesting lessons and being such a big part of the children’s lives. Also, I love to create my own resources for the children and to decorate my classroom. After my maternity leave with my son I returned to work part time and experienced life as a working mum. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do because I wanted to be the best mummy and teacher I could be. So I quickly  became super organised and creative with my time.

In 2018 my daughter was born and was diagnosed with cow’s milk protein allergy, soya allergy and reflux. At the same time my son was going through a lot of big changes in his life – new house, new baby and starting school. So I decided to make a big life change myself and become a stay at home mum.

I started this blog because I wanted to have a space to share everything I have learnt as a parent and a teacher. I wanted a creative way to communicate and help people who could relate to us.

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