All You Need To Know About Child-Friendly Chores

Age appropriate Chores

There are lots of benefits of including child-friendly chores in your daily life as a family. Encouraging your children to do simple chores builds their life skills and includes them around the home. This post talks about the benefits of child-friendly chores, how to encourage your child and some suggestions of age appropriate chores.

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Benefits of Child-Friendly Chores

  • Encourages working together as a family
  • Teaches them to have respect and take care of their home
  • Teaches basic life skills
  • Gives them some independence
  • Gives them some responsibilities
  • Teaches them how to complete these chores safely

How To Introduce Child-Friendly Chores

1. Encouragement and Rewards

Try to stop and say a positive comment to them when they do something to help. This will show that you appreciate them. You can also have a reward chart or put an activity on the family calendar that you can all do together at the weekend.

2. Let Them Play

Let them copy you as you do chores around the house. Have toys that they can use alongside you as you work. This lets them practise the life skills safely from a young age and keep them busy!

3. Let Them Make Mistakes

They will make mistakes and sometimes make more mess than you started with. But if they feel like they can’t do it right or that you will just redo it they will quickly lose interest.

4. Introduce Chores Slowly

I slowly built up the chores into our daily routine, so they are not chores but just tasks that we always need to do.

5. Build A Routine

Once you have introduced a chore into your child’s routine encourage them to keep doing it. Put it on your calendar and get them to tick it off when they’ve done it.

6. Give Instructions

When you introduce a new chore always help them to begin with. This is really important as they get older and you are teaching them to make their own snack or cook.

Child-Friendly Chores For Each Age Group

This chart of child-friendly chores is only a guide. Only you know what your child is capable of achieving and which chores you are comfortable with them doing.

Download the chart and tick which chores you would like your child to do. You can tick more as they get older.

Download the child-friendly chart here:

Age appropriate chore chart
Age appropriate Chores

Child-Friendly Chores can benefit your child by teaching them life skills. Stick with chores that are age appropriate and make it a fun and educational experience for your child.

Children helping in the house
Age appropriate chore chart

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