16 Easy Ways To Energise Children Stuck Indoors

energise children stuck indoors

It is exhausting for parents to find new activities to energise the children when they have been stuck indoors for a while. Take a look at this list of activities to get some new ideas. Pick a selection of activities and write them on a family calendar so your children can look forward to doing each one.

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1. Drive In Movie Night

This is something bit different than just watching a movie at home. Bring in a ride on car or and decorate a box like a car for them to sit and watch the movie in.

Give them a ticket and some pretend money to buy snacks with. Set up a mini shop with popcorn, pick and mix sweets and drinks.

2. Home Spa Day

Put on your dressing gowns and slippers and treat your children to a spa day. Make your own face masks and bath bombs. Do manicures and pedicures. Try out different hairstyles and accessories on each other or a styling head – you can look on Pinterest or YouTube to find hair tutorials.

3. Go For A Muddy Walk

Put on a puddle suit or waterproof trousers and wellies and get as muddy as possible. Collect a bag of bits (leaves, twigs, stones etc.) to use in a craft when you get home. Or use the bits to make a picture on the ground and take a photo (less mess at home!).


4. Make A Playdoh Kit

Grab a plastic box and put a few tubs of playdoh in. Add bits and bobs that you have around the house such as pipe cleaners, plastic toys, buttons, craft sticks and cookie cutters.

You can even theme your kit. Make a dinosaur kit with green playdoh, mini dinosaurs, small pebbles and cutters. Or try a Frozen kit with mini figures, blue playdoh, glass pebbles and cutters. Challenge the children to design their own kit.

5. Build An Indoor Den

Get out some blankets and pillows, an indoor play tent and a play tunnel. Use a cardboard box and decorate it. Or just make it under a table. Have a picnic in your den, take all the toys in there or fill it full of balloons.

6. Board Game Competition

Invite some friends round and have a board game afternoon. Everyone can bring their own game, so they get to play different games without having to buy lots of new ones. Set up a snack station and buy some small prizes for the winners.

7. Dance Party

If they need to burn off some energy try a dance party. Put on some music and play musical statues. If you have any balloons left from a birthday get them out, grab some glow sticks or a disco light to add to the fun.

8. Create a Maze

Children love a maze. Grab some cardboard and craft a cardboard maze for a marble to run through. Or use a Lego base and a variety of Lego bricks – try putting a hex bug in there and see if it can get to the end without getting stuck.

9. Make An Indoor Market

Set up a variety of different activities for your children to visit. Give them some tickets to exchange for turns at the activity areas. If your children are older they could organise an activity each.

Try making a hot chocolate station, decorate a biscuit area, bingo game, hook a duck, a pin the nose activity is always fun.

10. Unusual Baking

Pinterest is full of amazing baking ideas you can do to energise your children when they’re stuck indoors.

11. Lego Challenges

There are some great Lego challenge cards that give your children new ideas of things to create.

12. Dressing Up

Get out the dressing up box or just look through yor wardrobe for any old clothes or accessories you aren’t using. Let the children play dress up, pop on some music and let them do a fashion show. Take photos of them in their different creations and then you can print them and let them create their own scrapbook.

13. Soft Play At Home

Collect as many pillows, cushions and blankets as you can find and create your own soft area indoors. Let the children climb and roll around safely.

14. Water Beads

These can be a bit messy, but they are lots of fun. A great sensory activity for children of all ages.

15. Treasure Hunt

Hide small objects somewhere in the house and let the children go and find them – the more objects the longer it takes!

16. Ball Pit

Great fun for younger children to burn off some energy.

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Try out these activities and find some new favourite ways to energise your children when they are stuck indoors.

Energise Children Stuck Indoors
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