Essential Buys for a New Baby

What to buy for a new baby

I have created a list of what I found to be essential buys for my new baby. When I was pregnant for the first time I was completely overwhelmed by the vast amount of products that you were expected to choose for your newborn. I spent a lot of time googling different products and comparing reviews because I wanted to buy good quality products that my baby would really need and I would want to use. These are all items I have personally used and loved.

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  • Baby car seat group 0+ – I have used the Maxi-Cosi Pebble for two babies and it’s still in great condition. See my in-depth review of this seat.
  • ISOFIX – this was definitely an essential for me. I needed to know that the baby seat was safely and securely attached to the car. This gave me piece of mind and was worth every penny. See my in-depth review of the ISOFIX.
  • Travel system – I purchased the Quinny Moodd and I have now used it for two babies and still love it. It meets all of my requirements and I love that my 4 year old can still ride in it if we go out and he gets tired.
  • Baby carrier – I personally couldn’t manage without one. I bought the Babybjorn carrier and I have got so much use out of it. Both of my children love to be carried! It gave me my sanity back to be able to pop them in here and have two hands to get on with life – do the washing, hoovering, make a drink or a sandwich and so much easier to do the school run with!


My advice would be don’t get too excited about the cute tiny baby clothes and buy loads. They grow out of newborn clothes within weeks or quicker if you have a bigger baby. Remember you will get gifts too, people love to shop for tiny clothes! Don’t worry about buying socks and scratch mitts just buy sleepsuits with them integrated.

  • New baby sleepsuits x 6
  • New baby vests x 6
  • Cardigan/jacket/jumper x 2
  • Blanket
  • Muslins (lots of these especially if you end up with a baby with reflux)
  • Hats – winter or summer
  • A nice outfit or 2 for visiting or going out, you don’t need lots of cute outfits as a new baby tends to live in a vest and sleepsuit.


  • Bottles – With my first baby and I bought a huge starter set and found he wouldn’t use them. Whichever bottles you choose to buy I suggest only buying a small sample and testing them first to see if they like them. I found the best bottles were Dr Browns. They were great at reducing colicky symptoms.
  • Steriliser – I used the Philips Avent 3in1 steriliser. I liked it so much we purchased it again for our second baby. It is good size (fits 6 of the larger bottles) but doesn’t take up too much worktop space. It takes 6 minutes to complete a sterilising cycle, so it is quick if you suddenly realise you are out of bottles.
  • Breast pump –They are great for encouraging your milk supply to increase and to give you a break by allowing someone else to feed your baby. I had the Philips Avent Single Electric breast pump. It is a compact size and an easy design to sterilise and keep clean. I found the pump was good but quite noisy. I also bought the Avent reusable milk storage cups to use with it.
  • Nursing bras and breast pads if you are planning to breastfeed.
  • A nursing chair –I tried managing without one when my son was born, until I realised I was making my life unnecessarily difficult. So I bought a comfy gliding chair with a footstool. It made it more bearable when I was sitting up in the middle of the night and helped to soothe him when he was teething. I am now using it with my daughter, but my son still loves rocking in it and having story time or even a nap.
  • Boppy pillow – great for supporting the baby while you are feeding them.

Essential buys for a new baby


  • A changing table – I went for a nursery set with a changing table and I liked having everything in one area. I also bought a great Skip Hop mini changer for going on holiday and that was really useful too..
  • Changing bag – I was bought a Pacapod with my first pregnancy and I loved it. I am reusing it with my second baby and it looks like new. It has so much space and everything has its own compartment. I can also just take out the changing pod or I can leave the bag in the car and just take the feeding pod if we pop in somewhere for lunch..
  • A nappy bin –I purchased the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec nappy disposal tub and I’m still using it 4 years later. It took me through the newborn stage all the way through potty training and now I’m starting again! The nappy bin twists around and locks each nappy into a liner to keep the odour in. The bin is compact but holds plenty of nappies.
  • Stock up on nappies size 1 and 2 – babies go through a lot of nappies and you don’t want to run out in the middle of the night. I waited until the nappies were on offer while I was pregnant and got several packs in size 1 and 2. They grow out of size 1 quite quickly so don’t buy too many of one size.
  • Nappy cream –I cannot recommend metanium nappy rash ointment enough. If my baby has a red bottom I can put this on at night and know that by the next morning it will be completely better.
  • Baby wipes –stock up on when they are on offer.


  • Baby monitor – I am using the Angelcare AC401 Baby movement monitor with sound. I chose this because it has the sensor mat that goes under the mattress, this senses the baby movements and shows you by a ticking pendulum on the parent monitor. If baby stops moving for 20 seconds it alerts you with an alarm. It really gave me peace of mind especially with my first baby when I was really nervous to have him in his own room. The temperature of baby’s room is also displayed on the parent unit which means you don’t need a separate room thermometer.
  • Cot, crib or moses basket – I had a moses basket but neither of my newborns would sleep in it for long. They were not great sleepers until they went into their cot in their own room. One item I would have liked to try is the next2me as I have read some great reviews on it. It allows baby to sleep safely next to you, but in their own crib.
  • Mattress, sheets or blankets for the cot or crib

Bath time

  • Baby bath or bath support – I like the Angelcare soft touch bath support as it securely holds the baby while you wash them and play with them. It also takes up less space than a baby bath.
  • Thermometer – this really is an essential with a newborn and definitely worth investing in a decent one. I’ve been using Braun thermoscan thermometer and I love it. It has a button that you press to adjust the thermometer to the right age. This gives real precision when it takes the temperature as it can tell you if the fever is too high for that age. The screen displays the temperature and is also colour coded which makes it easy to understand. Red means it’s a high temperature, yellow is elevated and green is normal. I also like that it stores the last nine temperatures.
  • Baby nail scissors – their nails grow really fast and it’s easy for them to scratch themselves if you don’t keep their nails short.
  • Hairbrush – a baby brush with soft bristles
  • Baby bubble bath, shampoo and sponge – I use Child’s Farm for my children as they have sensitive skin and are prone to mild eczema. I haven’t had any problems with their skin since I started using this.
what to buy for new baby
newborn items

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