How To Have A Positive Hypnobirthing Experience

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Let me start by saying that I was unsure about hypnobirthing. I wasn’t sure if it was for me or if it would be of any help. But I was wrong! Now I love hypnobirthing and am so pleased and proud that I decided to give it a chance. I still cannot believe how much it helped me. If I have another baby I will definitely use it again.

What Is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a way for you to naturally manage the pain of childbirth. It puts you in control and teaches you techniques such as visualisation, mindfulness, breathing and relaxation. It also enables you to feel confident in your body’s ability to birth a baby and to feel positive about childbirth.

Hypnobirthing can be used as your main source of pain management. It can also be used alongside other types of pain relief and medical intervention.

Why Should I Use Hypnobirthing?

I decided to give hypnobirthing a chance because my first birthing experience had been so traumatic. It was a very long and painful labour. I had gas and air, pethidine and eventually a spinal block, so they could use ventouse to turn and deliver the baby.

I was so happy to have a healthy baby and mummy, but I felt really disappointed that he was born in such a stressful way.  

When I was pregnant with my second child I was determined to have a positive birthing experience. I started to read stories online about women who had experienced a traumatic birth and how they had overcome it. This is when I first became aware of hypnobirthing and started to look at the benefits of it.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Hypnobirthing?

  • It can help you to manage stress hormones which can affect the production of oxytocin. Oxytocin is the chemical which helps labour to progress. When you feel stressed it can slow down labour and make it longer
  • Reduce your levels of anxiety and fear, which in turn helps you to manage your stress levels
  • It can make labour shorter
  • Gives you something positive to focus on during pregnancy
  • Practicing hypnobirthing can allow you to feel in control when you go into labour
  • It can help you to get over a previous birth experience that has made you anxious or fearful
  • It is a technique that can be used in whichever birthing situation you are in –natural or assisted
The Essential Guide to Hypnobirthing
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Where Do I Learn Hypnobirthing?

I was sold on the benefits but now had to find out where I could learn how to do hypnobirthing. There are a few different ways to learn the techniques depending on how you prefer to learn.

There are hypnobirthing classes that you can attend with your birth partner. These are quite expensive.

You can buy a book or CD on hypnobirthing and learn about it at home. By reading the reviews you can get a good idea of which ones are better suited to you.

My favourite is the book Mindful Hypnobirthing. I find it is easy to understand and really helpful, I also really like the tracks that go with the book. I started listening to the mindful hypnobirthing tracks at night when I couldn’t sleep and found they were really calming and relaxing.

If you’re not sure about using hypnobirthing then you can get the Mindful Hypnobirthing audiobook for FREE using the audible trial. It’s a great way of finding out if it works for you.

Does Hypnobirthing Really Work?

For me it did. Listening to the tracks regularly in the last few weeks of my pregnancy really helped me to feel more in control.

I used my birthing ball (also a great help in early labour) and every time I had a contraction I repeated one of the affirmations until it had passed. This helped to focus my attention and to feel in control of what was happening to my body.

My labour was only four hours long and I didn’t need any pain relief or assistance, even though my baby decided to turn around and be born breech (you can read all about my experience of breech birth here)!

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So will it work for you? It works differently for everyone, but what have you got to lose? Sign up for some classes, get yourself a book or CD or try a free audiobook. Make your birthing experience as calm and positive as it can be.

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