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Getting my child to sleep

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It can be hard work getting my child to have a good night sleep. My 4 year old son needs to have 12 hours sleep because he is so full of energy all day and doesn’t stop moving. Even though he is exhausted by 7pm he doesn’t like to think that he’s tired or to get into his bed! We follow the same routine most days to try and calm my child down and get him prepared for sleep, but some days it can still feel like hard work. So when Kally Sleep asked if my son would like to try their kids pillow I decided to update his bedtime routine to see if we could improve his sleep.

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Updates to our Evening Routine

We have been following the 7 step routine since my son started school in September and it has been working well for us (most days!). In the last month I have updated story time because my son was bought some lovely chapter books and audio CDs for Christmas that take longer to read. So now we read a chapter of his new books or he listens to one of his audio stories and then he has to lie down and go to sleep. This is usually where the fun begins as he will suddenly think of lots of extremely important questions he needs to ask or things he needs to do before he goes to sleep!

So I decided that I needed to create a calmer space where my child would be happy to lie down until he could go to sleep. This week I have decluttered his room so there is less distractions at bedtime, he has had a new colour changing nightlight to create a relaxing space and he has had his new Kally Sleep pillow to create a cosier sleeping space that promotes a better night sleep.

How is the Kally Kids Pillow different from normal pillows?

The Kally sleep pillow is a full-length body pillow which my son has christened the ‘sausage pillow’! The shape is designed to support his neck, back and spine, which improves his sleeping position. This should help him to have a better night’s sleep. It measures 1.3m long and easily fits on his bed. I was keen for my son to try this pillow because I used a similar version during my first pregnancy and loved it. I found I slept better because I was supported and moved around less.

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Features of the Pillow

  • Full length shape-supports the body and improves sleep
  • Lovely design – we love the moon and back print on the pillowcase. It fits in really well with my son’s room and it is a really nice looking accessory on his bed.
  • Removable pillowcase – I like that the pillowcase can be removed easily with buttons and I can throw it in the washing machine for a quick clean.
  • Cotton cover – the pillowcase is a really soft and snuggly material, but it is also breathable which stopped my son getting too hot and sweaty when he cuddled up to it at night
  • Hypoallergenic pillow- it is a good quality product that I am happy to give to my son
  • Easy to store – when it was delivered it was all rolled up and tied with a ribbon, so I could see how it would be easy to pack up and store in a cupboard if my son wasn’t using it.
  • Comfy cushion – it can be used to support their back when sitting up. Daddy has already borrowed it to use when he sits on the bed as he suffers with back problems and finds it supports his back.
  • A fun toy – my son has found many uses for it already: to roll with on the floor, to lie on, to read his books on, to carry around as a portable seat, to get daddy with, little sister has also joined in and used it for climbing over.
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Has Bedtime Improved?

We have been following our updated routine for the last week. When it gets to storytime we snuggle up on the Kally pillow and read a chapter of his book (we are working our way through the Roald Dahl books). Then he puts on his new nightlight and snuggles up to his Kally pillow and actually stays in bed until he falls asleep. He has been really enjoying his more grown up routine and we have been enjoying the calmer more peaceful evenings. He has also been sleeping well during the night. Fingers crossed that it continues.

Check out the Kally Sleep pillow for Kids or take a look at their range of pregnancy pillows. Give them a try and see if you get a better night sleep too.

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Getting your child to sleep

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