Goals for a Positive and Successful 2019

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2018 has been a rollercoaster year for my family. We have had some amazing highs – my daughter was born and my son loved his first term at school. We have also has some lows – family illnesses and deciding that we need to move house. I have decided that I am going to change my mind set in 2019 and make positive changes in my life. To start 2019 in the best possible way I have decided to set myself some goals to achieve.

How to choose Achievable Goals

Choosing goals for 2019 can seem like a daunting prospect. You are trying to look into the future and decide what you would like your life to be like in a year’s time. I started by sitting down and thinking about what was the one big goal that would make the most difference to my life in 2019. This goal can be from any area of your life, but it needs to be something that will make a positive impact for you and your family. Then when I had my big focus I looked at the other main areas of my life and thought about small goals I could achieve within the year. Make sure your goals are specific and try to record how many times you want to achieve this goal during the year. It is easier to work towards a goal with a definite end point, for example one of my health goals is to drink more water. To make my goal achievable I am aiming to drink a glass of water with every meal. This way I won’t be able to forget.

How to Record your Goals

Your goals need to be written down and displayed somewhere you will see them every day. This can be in your diary, bullet journal or stuck up on your mirror, anywhere you will regularly see it. For each goal you need to give yourself a reason why you want to achieve it. This will motivate you throughout the year when you are busy or if things get tough. For example the reason I want to drink more water is to stop myself getting headaches.

How to Track your Goals

Tracking your goals needs to be quick and simple. If you create a complicated system you just won’t find the time to do it. It needs to be a quick two minute job you can do regularly. I have decided to keep my goals in my journal and to track them once a month. When I track them I will tick any I have already achieved or keep a tally of how many times I have done it. It will also remind me of any I haven’t yet been working towards. More importantly when you complete any goals you need to celebrate. It doesn’t need to be a big celebration just a little treat for yourself such as a bubble bath, your favourite sweet treat or watching your favourite film.

Goals for a positive and successful 2019

My 2019 Goals

This will be a big year for my family because we have decided to make some big changes in our life. I had my second child in 2018 and it has really made me think of the future. So in 2019 I want to become a more positive and successful person in all areas of my life. These goals will give me the focus to make these changes in my life.

My Big focus

To actively work on having a positive mind-set by reading/watching at least one article/video/book/podcast on the topic each week. Up to this point in my life I have always played it safe and have done what people expected of me because I didn’t want to disappoint them. I have decided that in 2019 I will not let fear/excuses stop me living my best life. I will develop a positive mind-set and create a successful life because there is nothing to stop me.

Personal Goals

  • To leave my job and become a full time stay at home mum so I can take my son to school and to continue to care for my daughter.
  • To build friendships with 3 new mums from school to share mummy chat and offer support.

Health Goals

  • To drink a glass of water with every meal to stop me getting headaches and help me to have a focused mind.
  • To start my daughter on step 1 of the milk ladder to reintroduce her to cow’s milk

Career Goals

  • To add new content to my blog at least once a week to keep my reader’s interested.
  • To create 6 new printable resources to offer to my reader for free.
  • To start an email list to build a relationship with my readers.

Family Goals

  • To organise at least 6 play dates for my son to nurture his new friendships
  • To go swimming with my daughter once a month to get her used to the water.
  • To go on one quality time family outing every month to build special memories while the children are small.

Financial Goals

  • To keep the food shopping to a set amount of money each week to cut down on waste and add to our savings
  • To only buy essential and good quality clothing items and put the money I would have spent into a savings account
  • To move to a new house near to my son’s school and friends
2019 Goals Printable

Download the printable Goals for 2019

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