How To Complete Step 1 Of The Milk Ladder

When your baby is diagnosed with CMPA you put all of your time and effort into starting a dairy-free diet. Your baby’s health improves and CMPA becomes part of everyday life. Then comes the day when you need to start step one of the milk ladder. It can be dauting reintroducing milk and you want to complete step 1 of the milk ladder successfully.

This posts focuses on reintroducing milk to Non-IGE milk allergy. It is our experience and guidance from a paediatrician and a dietician. Seek Medical guidance before starting the milk ladder.

What Is The Milk Ladder?

There are two versions of the milk ladder. The most recent version of the milk ladder has 6 steps and a list of suggested recipes.

The previous version of the milk ladder has 12 steps. In this version the steps are broken down into smaller stages. This means it takes longer but introduces the allergen at a slower pace.

Choose the milk ladder which best suits your child’s situation. If they react to very small amounts of cow’s milk then it will be better to start with the 12 steps.

What Age Do I Start The Milk Ladder?

If your child has been diagnosed with CMPA you should discuss starting the milk ladder with their paediatrician. They may also have a dietician who can offer support and advice.

My baby has a diagnosis of a Non-IGE cow’s milk allergy. Her reaction is quite severe and it really effected her health before we started the dairy-free diet.

We were advised to start reintroducing cow’s milk at 12 months old.

How To Start Step 1 of the Milk Ladder?

Step 1 introduces cow’s milk baked into a malted milk biscuit. You begin by giving your child a quarter of a biscuit. If you prefer to make your own there is a biscuit recipe to go with this step.

If your child’s allergy is more severe you can start with a smaller amount. We were advised to start with an eighth of a biscuit once a day for a week.

What To Do If You See A Reaction?

As you are only reintroducing small amounts of cow’s milk any reaction you see should be mild. I always keep a record of how much milk I am reintroducing and any reactions I see. This is helpful as the reaction could be small or delayed. I then keep this dated record to discuss with the dietician and paediatrician at our next appointment.

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If I see a reaction I stop reintroducing that step of the milk ladder. You then need to leave it at least a month before you try again. You can leave it longer if your child has a stronger reaction. We were advised to retry every 3 months.

How Long Does Step 1 Take?

This really depends on how your child reacts when you first introduce them to step 1 and if their allergy is mild or moderate.

I always try a small amount over a few days or up to a week. If there is no reaction you can then try a larger amount over a few days or if you see no reaction you can then progress to step 2.

If you do see a reaction you have to wait a while before you try again.

How To Complete The Milk Ladder?

Once step 1 is complete you can move up to step 2 which also has a homemade recipe. You can introduce small amounts and increase it over a couple of weeks. Or if your child is showing no reaction you can introduce a larger amount to begin with.

Then you work your way through each step of the ladder until you reach the top. This could take weeks, months or longer depending on your child allergy.

It can be dauting working out how to complete Step of the 1 milk ladder. Start by printing out a copy of the milk ladder and a log to record any symptoms. Then start with a small amount and don’t worry about trying to Complete Step of the 1 milk ladder too fast. Every child and every allergy is different.

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