How To Make Your Own Baby Wish List

baby wish list

It is so exciting and special planning for your new baby. But there is so much you need to buy and think about it that it can get overwhelming. One way of making it easier for you and to share this special time with your loved ones is by making your own baby wish list.

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What Is A Wish List?

A wish list is just a shopping list of all the items you need to buy for your baby. But instead of you having to buy them all yourself you can share this list so other people can buy items from it too. Lots of people will want to buy gifts for the new baby or for your baby shower.

A wish list is a sensible way of making sure that you don’t end up with lots of the same item. It also makes it easy for other people to know which gifts you would like. People prefer to buy gifts that they know you will love and use.

How To Make A Wish List

You can easily make your own wish list by writing down everything you need on a piece of paper. Then you email this or leave it out at your baby shower or gender reveal party for people to see. They can cross off any items that they would like to buy.

You can also make a baby wish list on Amazon. This can make it really easy as most people shop on amazon these days. You can see what other mums have bought and add items to your list. This gives you time to think about it instead of impulse buying in shops. It is free to register for a wish list. You also get extra benefits such as free gifts and discounts of baby products.

Register for the Amazon Baby Wish list here.

What To Put On Your Wish List

Add the larger practical items that baby will need but also add the smaller essential buys. This gives something for everyone’s budget and will also help you to start stockpiling smaller items that you will need for your new baby. For a list of ideas take a lot at these new baby posts:

make a baby wish list
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Don’t forget to keep a record of who bought you what. Then you can send a little thank you message to them after your baby is born.

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