Pancake Ideas for Kids: Gluten and Dairy free

These pancake ideas for kids can be both gluten and dairy free, but still taste yummy. My daughter is dairy free and soya free and I am gluten free, so I am always trying new recipes that suit all our dietary needs. I love pancakes because they make a quick breakfast idea, lunch or on the go snack. They are also great for a weaning baby, toddlers, children and adults, which means we can all eat the same thing.

Pancakes for kids gluten and dairy free

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Almond milk vs Oat milk

I have tried various different free from products in my pancake recipe to find the one that suits us best. Don’t be afraid to ty out alternative milks or flour blends to see which one you prefer. When I make pancakes I always use Doves gluten free flour. I haven’t tried soya milk because my daughter has a soy allergy. We have used both almond milk and oat milk and we like them both, but they do make very different pancakes. I think oat milk makes a much more savoury and filling pancake, this is good if you want a big breakfast. Whereas almond milk is sweeter and produces thinner less filling pancakes. Before my daughter was born we would used cow’s milk and these pancakes were yummy too.

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Basic Pancake Recipe

Gluten free dairy free soya free pancakes

300ml of oat milk or almond milk

125grams of plain gluten free flour

1 egg

  1. Pour 300ml of your chosen milk into a jug.
  2. Add one egg to the jug and stir.
  3. Slowly add 125g of your chosen flour to the jug mixing as you add it.
  4. Make sure the batter is well mixed and smooth.
  5. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a frying pan then pour in a small amount of mixture to the desired size and thickness.
  6. Heat until golden on the underside and then flip.
  7. When golden on both sides serve immediately
  8. Eat on its own or add toppings.
Top Tip: Use a pizza cutter to cut your pancake into smaller
pieces. Older children love to do this for themselves.
Gluten and dairy free pancakes

Pancake Toppings

This is a list of toppings, some of these my kids have tried and loved and some we are yet to try:

  • Honey
  • Golden syrup
  • Lemon
  • Jam
  • Blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, cherries – can use frozen berries
  • Pureed fruit
  • Any fresh fruit you have cut into small pieces or fun shapes using a cookie cutter
  • Chocolate chips
  • Ice cream or yogurt
  • Peanut butter
  • Scrambled egg
  • Bacon

3 Fun Pancake day ideas for kids

1. A Pancake Station

Set up a pancake topping station for your kids. Just collect together a selection of toppings from the list above or just look through your fridge and cupboards to see what you need to use up. Then add each topping to a small plastic bowl with a spoon in it and place on a tray or the table with bottles of honey or lemon. The children can then get creative and add their own mix of toppings.

For a pancake dessert station you could have a bowl of heated frozen berries, bowl of chocolate chips, bowl of ice cream, squeezy honey, squeezy lemon juice.

For a breakfast desert station try adding a bowl of yoghurt, bowl of fresh berries, bowl of their favourite fruit cut into small chunks, squeezy honey.

2. Pancake Kebabs

This is a fun desert or snack idea for the kids. First you need to make a pile of mini pancakes. Then cut fresh fruit into shapes using cookie cutters. Alternate adding a pancake and a piece of fruit onto a kebab skewer. Use different coloured fruit for a fun rainbow coloured kebab.

3. Pancake Shapes

This is a great way to get the kids interested in cooking. First you need a clean squeezy bottle, then add your batter to it. Use the bottle to create shapes or letters with the batter as you squeeze it into your frying pan.

If you want some more pancake day activities to do with your children try visiting Activity Village.

Pancakes for kids
Pancake recipe gluten and dairy free

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