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Gifts for mum

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A list of personalised gift ideas for mum for mother’s day, her birthday, Christmas or just for a treat. A gift with a personalised touch is always special. This list includes gifts you can buy, make and ideas for hampers you can put together yourself.

Gifts to buy for Mum

A selection of personalised gift ideas to buy that are perfect for mum. It includes something for every mum, jewellery, beauty, clothing, pampering and home accessories.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box

Every few months I purchase my hair care products from look fantastic. With my last purchase I received the beauty box as a gift! I was so excited when it arrived and I was really impressed with the contents of the box. It was beautifully packaged and I received a good mix of products including an eye shadow set, several skin care products and a product for my hair. This would make a lovely gift.

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Personalised Photo frame

These make great gifts as you can frame a favourite photograph and add a message from your child. I have given these as gifts to family members and they have been some of the favourite things they have received.

Wooden Bath Caddy

If mum loves a soak in the bath then this would be a fun gift. I would love to have one of these for bath time so I could put my phone on it and catch up with some vlogs (I’m putting this on my wishlist).  You could make it more personal by getting her favourite bath products or letting the children choose a new pair of pyjamas to go with it.

Matching Jumpers

This probably isn’t everyone’s idea of a good gift, but I think they are just so cute. It would make a lovely keepsake photo of matching mummy and daughter.

Personalised Necklace

I have love this necklace with my children’s name on each of the discs. I really like that you can get the discs in mixed metals so you can have them in silver, gold or rose gold or all in the same metal. You can also choose the length of your necklace from 15 inches to 22 inches. If you really want to treat her I love this fingerprint pendant necklace.

Mother's Day gift guide

Gifts to make for Mum

A selection of personalised gift ideas to make for mum.

Personalised Photo Frame

Frame a piece of art work with the date of when your child did it and put it in a double frame with a photo of them completing the art.


Give the children a canvas and some paint in colours that would complement her home. Then let them decorate the canvas how they want to.

Personal Message Photo

Let the children write a personal message to mum on a large piece of card and then take a photo of them holding it. Depending on your budget you can either just give her the photo or use it to create a gift e.g print it on a shopping bag, cushion, phone cover, notebook.

Personalised Glass or Cup

Let the kids decorate a glass or cup with a drawing of what mum looks like, her favourite things, a drawing of the family or write the family’s names. use ceramic or glass paint pens to decorate so the art work won’t come off. You can then put it with her favourite drink and snack as a special treat.

Favourite Meal

Design and make a voucher with your child for mum. It can be to take her to her favourite restaurant or for her children to make her favourite meal at home (with adult help!).

Mother's day gifts

Gift Hamper Ideas for Mum

Another way to make a personalised gift for mum is to create your own hamper.

Mummy Essentials Kit

Include items that mum likes to use all the time. Some suggestions are lip balm, handbag sized moisturiser, hand cream, favourite candle, small perfume, face mask, favourite make up, favourite chocolate or sweets.

Pamper kit

Include several nail varnishes, nail file, hand and foot cream, mini manicure kit, fluffy socks or slippers,face masks, small candle. You could also add a voucher for a spa day or treatment if you want to make it a bigger gift.

Beauty Kit

Include her favourite products especially if she is running out of any. Pop in some new products for her to try because it is always nice to be treated to something new.You could also pop in a voucher or note to have her hair done at the hair salon.

Night In Kit

Include her favourite DVD, a new book or magazine, popcorn, box of chocolates or her favourite sweets, new pair of pyjamas or some fluffy socks, her favourite drink with a new cup or glass.

Day Out Kit

Include tickets to go to an event or to visit a place mum will enjoy. Also pop in some snacks to enjoy while she is travelling, something new to wear (this can be a small accessory like a new scarf, sunglasses or lipstick) and a voucher for a restaurant.

Cosy Home Kit

This can be themed around mum’s interests. Try making a kit full of cute kitchen accessories and ingredients, also pop in some treats from the bakery. Or make a home kit full of cute accessories such as a new candle, photo frame, plant pot, vase, clock, jewellery box, trinket dish, cushions or a throw.

Personalised gifts for mum

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