How to recover from Infant Reflux

Improving reflux

If your baby has infant reflux all you want to know is when will they recover. You have read all of the advice and tips on how to manage the symptoms. You might have medication for your baby to take or a special diet to follow. What happens next? You have lots of questions and nobody seems to have a definite answer.

Will my baby outgrow this? When can she come off her medication? When can she eat a normal diet? Will the vomiting stop completely? Will it get better quickly or slowly? This is our journey with severe infant reflux from the beginning to when it finally improved.  

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When did Infant Reflux Start?

For my baby reflux started at 6 weeks. Read Does my Baby have reflux? to find out the symptoms she had and how we got a diagnosis or reflux. The reflux was severe and she wasn’t gaining weight quickly enough. It was a really tough time as we were really worried about her health. After lots of medical appointments, she was diagnosed with a cow’s milk allergy, soy allergy and severe infant reflux. She started a milk-free, soy-free diet and took medication to reduce her vomiting and discomfort.   

When did reflux start to improve?

There are lots of different things that worked together to improve the symptoms of reflux. Around 3 months her symptoms reduced and became more manageable because we started to make these changes:

  • Having a cow’s milk and soy-free diet
  • Avoiding foods that made her symptoms worse
  • Taking medication to reduce the acid
  • Using a thickener for her formula

Around 6 months old she started to improve further as she started to physically mature. She became able to sit up unsupported and started to stand up and move upright. This reduced the amount of acid rising upwards. Weaning on to solid food also helped. We did have setbacks when the symptoms worsened again. This was usually when she was unwell, teething or ate something that triggered her symptoms.

When did reflux go away completely?

It wasn’t an overnight fix and the improvements were gradual over 12 months. She stopped using Carobel when she finished having formula feeds at 12 months old. We also trialed taking no medication but she became very acidy and the discomfort returned so we were advised to put her back on it for a few more months. This gave her digestive system time to develop further and become stronger. By 16 months she had stopped taking all of her medication and was no longer suffering from any of the symptoms of reflux. She is still on her cow’s milk and soy-free diet and we are now starting the milk ladder to try to reintroduce that.

Improving reflux
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If you have a baby with infant reflux and want to know when it will they recover I can tell you it does get better. Most babies outgrow it by 12 months and some before this. If you need support or advice on dealing with reflux take a look at my guide to infant reflux.

Improving infant reflux

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